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I highly recommend Jen for her deep listening and observation of the body. She makes time to familiarize herself with your personal situation in a gentle and compassionate way. We worked together to create an individual practice tailored to my needs. A personal practice is not just about healing the body but also mind and spirit. Jen has the ability to create a meaningful practice that serves all of these needs.

- Rain F

The Back to Health Yoga Therapy program has enhanced my practice of yoga.  Jen's assessment and instruction have helped me adjust my yoga practice to the realities of my physical limitations and made my practice more enjoyable.  I think just about anyone would benefit from availing themselves to Jen's thoughtful and caring expertise.

- Ken H

CMC joint arthritis in both of my hands was impacting my yoga practice. Jen worked with me to develop exercises and strategies to relieve irritation and pain. She also helped develop alternative positions and poses so that I could continue my yoga practice. The pain in my thumb has greatly decreased and I feel confident with the modifications that we have developed.

- Laurie S

Jen has helped me deepen my practice. Through her guidance I have become more reflective about how connecting my mind, body and spirit contribute to my overall wellness.

- Pam Y

I met with Jen per recommendation of Megan, the owner of Perennial Yoga as I was looking for a teacher who focuses on alignment. Jen and I met once a month one-on one. We discussed my problems (back pain, SI joints) in detail before working together. Every session was different even if it looks like I did the same. Sometimes we did only 2-3 poses for the whole the session; but the benefits had more sense and usefulness for me because we did it step by step, she watched my breath and suggested a few modifications. Sometimes (if I felt good and more energized), we did a regular class but for each pose she showed always a few modifications to choose from. Every session finished with an self-observation and meditation. Thank you Jen for all your help and care.

- Natasha K

I participated in Jennifer's Back to Health Yoga Therapy Program. Jennifer is a caring and supportive yoga therapist. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. Even though I’ve been doing yoga a long time, I learned new things from her that have helped reduce my pain. 

- Lynn P

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