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We nourish hearts and minds to promote human flourishing.



We guide and support you on your unique path to experiencing wholeness and well-being.

We Believe

  • The human spirit is resilient.

  • The body knows how to heal itself.

  • One size does not fit all.

  • Breath is the pathway toward healing and wholeness.

  • Knowledge fosters empowerment.

Resilience Yoga Therapy Expertise

  • Healthy Aging

  • Scoliosis & Spine Health

  • Behavioral and Mental Health

  • Pain Care

What We Do


to understand your condition, your intention, limitations, and lifestyle.


your physical condition, emotional health, and disease state utilizing the systems of yoga and ayurveda. 


you through an interactive yoga therapy session, providing adjustments as needed to support you.


a custom Yoga Therapy Treatment Plan for you, based on your condition and your intention.


with you, your doctor(s) and other practitioners to ensure a holistic, integrated approach.


you with knowledge, resources and information to support your Yoga Therapy Plan, including the latest research. 


with you on your home practice, address questions and adjust your Treatment Plan as your condition changes.

How We Work Together

One-on-One Yoga Therapy

Private sessions are held in a private studio space or in your home. We also work with couples, particularly when one is undergoing intensive pain or treatment.

Small Group Yoga Therapy Programs

Small group sessions are tailored to specific conditions or need, These sessions are held in private studios or onsite at clinics. Limited to 10 people

Online Yoga Therapy Sessions

Remote, private Yoga Therapy sessions are available online, utilizing Zoom. 


Tailored Workshops and Retreats are offered on a limited basis. Contact Jennifer to learn more

Professional Affiliations

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